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ALF BOSS Podcast

Jun 12, 2024

In this episode of the ALF Boss Podcast, host Pascal Bergeron chats with Nick Chase, who shares his experience transitioning from a service-oriented career to owning and operating a small, six-bed assisted living facility in Wesley Chapel. Nick discusses taking over an existing facility, handling the complexities of...

Nov 1, 2023

In this podcast episode titled "Managing Compliance and Challenges in Assisted Living: Insights from a Veteran Executive Director," we hear from Catherine Milligan, a seasoned executive director with extensive experience at Park of the Palms, an assisted living facility. Milligan delves into the intricate world of...

Oct 10, 2023

Leanne Ferguson owner and operator of The Best ALF shares her experience of opening and operating an assisted living facility, emphasizing the challenges faced and the importance of building relationships, understanding regulations, and collaborating within the industry. Despite initial frustrations, her facility has...

Sep 5, 2023

Pam Monnier owner and operator of Grand Care assisted living, shares her experiences and insights on managing a small facility. She discusses topics such as dealing with hurricanes, adapting to residents' needs, and the significance of building a dedicated staff.

Aug 18, 2023

Husband and wife duo, Tara and Robert Johnson share their journey of owning and operating assisted living facilities, highlighting the challenges and rewards of the industry. They emphasize the importance of passion, hard work, building relationships, and adapting to social media platforms.