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ALF BOSS Podcast

Aug 8, 2023

Welcome to the ALF Boss Podcast! In this episode, Pascal Bergeron introduces a special guest, Sheila Mobley, a seasoned facility owner-operator and consultant in the assisted living field. Sheila has over 20 years of experience and owns two facilities, one in Rockledge and another in St. Petersburg, both offering limited mental health services.

Sheila shares her journey, starting with her first six-bed facility in Rockledge, which she opened after her father suggested the idea. She emphasizes the importance of having a supportive spouse and partner who understands the demands of the assisted living industry. Sheila also discusses the challenges of funding and staffing in the field, stressing the need for flexible hours and dedication to providing quality care.

Sheila's passion for helping seniors and her commitment to providing excellent care shine through in the podcast. She highlights the significance of word-of-mouth referrals and community engagement. She also addresses the difficulties of working with limited mental health residents, including funding issues and behavioral challenges.

The conversation delves into various aspects of the assisted living industry,the changing landscape of staffing, and the need for continuous learning and support from experienced individuals in the field. Sheila's dedication to her residents and her deep understanding of the industry make this podcast episode both informative and inspiring.