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ALF BOSS Podcast

Jun 19, 2024

Join us on the ALF Boss Podcast as we explore the inspiring journey of Melissa Bongart, owner and operator of The Ranch Assisted Living Facility. Located in the rapidly developing area of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, The Ranch ALF is currently navigating the complexities of expanding from 10 to 14 beds amidst challenges like local government delays and contractor issues. Melissa shares her experiences with the administrative hurdles of upgrading from septic to sewer systems, which were exacerbated by contractor shortages due to the pandemic and natural disasters.

Melissa also delves into her personal motivation for starting in the assisted living industry, sparked by a touching family experience with an elderly neighbor. This deep-rooted connection to community care shaped her approach to ALF management, emphasizing the importance of personalized care and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles for growth. Tune in to hear Melissa's candid insights on the importance of resilience and strategic planning in expanding and enhancing care facilities.